I pledge to protect my pet and wildlife

Join other responsible pet owners and keep your dog or cat inside or contained every night of the year!

We will be hosting the next Pets’ Night In on World Environment Day, 5th June 2023. 


Pet owners who made the pledge to keep their pets containted


Pets inside saves lives

Pets who are kept inside or contained live safer, happier and healthier lives. Being a responsible pet owner means looking after your beloved pet and reducing their impact on the world around them. 


Roaming cats can stray up to 4km from your home, and this puts them at significant risk from road accidents, cat fights and disease, not to mention impacting your neighbourly relations! Pet cats also have a devastating impact on local wildlife. One single cat can kill 100 native animals each year. Doesn’t sound right? Well on average, cats bring home just 15% of their prey. There are some incredible catio and cat run options available to keep your cat contained on your property, both day and night, to keep it safe and happy.


Dogs are happiest when they sleep inside with the family pack. Even in your own backyard they face dangers at nighttime. Dogs get stimulated when they see something move, so having native animals active in your garden at night understandably excites them! This excitement can become stress and anxiety for your canine friend if they become fixated. Not to mention the impact on your neighbours caused by their excessive barking! They want to protect their pack, and they do this best by staying close. If you can’t bear the thought of keeping your dog inside at night, consider a crate or kennel set up that will keep both them and wildlife safe. 

Impact on native wildlife

Pet owners who keep their cats and dogs inside or contained  reduce injury and death to the critically endangered western ringtail possum and other native wildlife that live and visit our urban neighbourhoods. Attacks from dogs and cats threatens the survival of the western ringtail possum. Even the stress of being ‘hunted’ by a dog or cat, or a small scratch can unfortunately lead to death for these vulnerable animals. 

The number of lives saved, for both wildlife and pets, will be calculated after the Pets’ Night In event. So remember, the best way you can protect your furry friends and our native wildlife is to keep your dog and cat inside this Pets’ Night In and beyond!

For more information on Responsible Pet Ownership, check out our Pets Away, Possums Play campaign. 

Our Responsible Pet Ownership program is delivered by GeoCatch through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program, in partnership with South West Catchments Council, and endorsed by the City of Busselton, Busselton Vet Hospital, Heritage Vets, GeoVet, Vasse Vets, RSPCA and SAFE.