Bay OK Day

The best day of the school year!

Bay OK Day is a celebration of the Geographe Bay Catchment. It is a day of learning about catchment processes and empowers students to have a positive impact on the local environment.

As everything that happens in the Catchment has an impact on the Bay, the activities often focus on the impacts to the marine and coastal environment. The Bay is the driver behind the education programs because it is most valued by the community.

Dunsborough Primary School acknowledges the importance of environmental education and has integrated Bay OK Day into its annual event program. Every year the entire school descends on the Dunsborough Boat Ramp Foreshore to take part. We assist with activities, however the school has taken it upon itself to coordinate and run the event.

Cowaramup Primary has followed suit with their Say G’Day to the Bay Day cultural and environmental excursion event.

We encourage all schools in our Catchment to adopt Bay OK Day in one form or another. If you would like support with a Bay OK Day event, please contact us.