Garden Designs

Taking the guesswork out of garden design.

Our garden designs have been developed to support your creation of a new Bay OK Garden or verge. 

Not sure where to start?

Consider plant layouts and elevations, as well as complimentary plant species, specifications and soil preparation for a successful Bay OK Garden.

Prepared by local landscape architects, Total Horticultural Services, you’ll find a garden design that calls to you!

Astartea Modern Australia
Combines a modern aesthetic with an informal planting scheme. This design is extremely versatile. The use of natural materials combined with your choice of colour can convey a coastal, bush or even cottage feel. 

KennediaEmerald carpet
Low-lying plants and ribbons of groundcover give this design a structured yet soft feel. A path leads from the home to a circular viewing area. Two neat trees provide shade for this calming, low-maintenance garden. 

Hibbertia – Heavenly hedges
Neat, structured and orderly. The hedges are high enough to provide privacy and the shrubs and grasses low enough for you to appreciate the lines and symmetry of this design. A large shrub or tree sits neatly in the central line, to be enjoyed from indoors and outdoors.

Pimelea – Classy columns
Strong, geometric patterns of plants with contrasting foliage and soft textures. Tall plants are columns emerging from a bed of round and delicate shrubs that direct you round the garden path.

Our Landscape Specifications will help you prepare your site for the best outcome.

For verge makeovers, consult the City of Busselton Nature Verge Guidelines.