Being Bay OK

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A healthy bay begins in your own backyard.

Being Bay OK means taking simple measures to reduce the amount of nutrients leaving your garden and entering waterways and Geographe Bay. Creating a Bay OK Garden minimises nutrient runoff, conserves water and supports local biodiversity.

The sandy soils along our coastline do not hold nutrients or water very well. They seep through the soil profile into groundwater or run off the surface when it rains, ending up in local waterways, drains and Geographe Bay.

While Geographe Bay is in relatively good condition, water quality monitoring shows that its health could decline if nutrient runoff from urban and rural sources increases. Too many nutrients fuel the growth of algae, which can smother plants and cause the death of fish and other wildlife.

Keeping nutrients, particularly from fertilisers, in your garden and out of the Bay is one way you can keep the Bay healthy.

You can have a healthy, productive and beautiful garden which has a positive impact on the environment. You’ll also save time and money! Simply follow the Bay OK principles.