A win for farmers and a win for the environment.

Whether you have remnant bush on your property or want to create more natural corridors, your farm business will benefit from planting trees. More trees in the landscape creates windbreaks, shade and cooling for livestock, soil stabilisation and can also assist with drainage.

Farmers can make a big difference by revegetating waterways on their property too. Riparian vegetation filters nutrients and improves water quality. It also stabilises river banks and supports local biodiversity.

Extensive areas of riparian vegetation have been cleared or waterways modified for farming and urban development. These modifications have removed aquatic habitat, and increased stream bank erosion and downstream sediment loads.

Farmers have an opportunity to improve the health of our Catchment while also creating benefits for their own enterprise. Contact us to discuss potential revegetation projects on your property.

Revegetation project on a Yoganup farm near Abba River