Peppies for Possums

Future generations creating future habitat.

We work with schools to plant Peppermint trees across the Catchment. We also provide a range of other education activities to promote possum conservation, suitable for Kindy – Year 12, including possum box installation, possum craft and presentations. 

We provide students with an overview of Western Ringtail Possum conservation and through our planting activities, teach them how to correctly plant a Peppermint seedling. Sites for planting can be on school grounds, private property or local reserves. 

Habitat loss is a major threat to the survival of this critically endangered species and other local wildlife. The leaves of Peppermint trees are the primary food source for Western Ringtail Possums. By planting Peppies for Possums, you can future-proof our local environment and provide future habitat for these beloved marsupials. 

Planting WA Peppermint Trees and looking after mature trees are important ways that schools can contribute to the conservation of the Western Ringtail Possum.

If you would like to book an incursion or want support with a Peppies for Possums planting initiative, please contact us.

We also have a range of School Resources to support the curriculum.