Pets Away, Possums Play

Keeping pets and wildlife safe

Celebrating Responsible Pet Ownership

Responsible pet owners keep their dogs and cats safe and happy, while protecting our native wildlife. 

Pet owners should keep cats and dogs contained to reduce injury and death to the critically endangered western ringtail possum. This also protects other wildlife that live and visit our urban neighbourhoods.

Being a responsible pet owner means looking after your beloved pet and reducing their impact on the world around them. 

Pets Away, Possums Play ambassador Myles Pollard

Pets Away, Possums Play

Local evidence shows that the greatest known causes of death to possums and wildlife in the Geographe Bay Catchment are cats, dogs, motor vehicles, and habitat loss. 

Possums are most active at night and this is when they are at greatest risk of injury and death caused by hunting and curious pets. 

Pets Away, Possums Play urges pet owners to keep wildlife safe while ensuring pets live long, happy and healthy lives. The campaign aligns with National and State-wide responsible pet ownership objectives aimed at reducing potential environmental impacts of domestic pets. 

How To Keep Your Cat Safe At Home

Building a catio

Design considerations for the purrfect cat run enclosure

Transitioning your cat

Help your cat adjust to its new life with plenty of enrichment

Legal obligations

What cat laws do I need to comply with in the City of Busselton?

My Cat Can't Roam, It's Safe At Home

Happy at Home

Let's keep our cats, communities and wildlife safe

9 Lives

A roaming cat that really gets the run around

Cat containment

SAFE advocates for indoor cats only - a healthier and safer lifestyle

Dogs and Possums - Why They Don't Mix


Keep your dog contained and train it to avoid possums

Possum-friendly fencing

Minimise conflict with possums by adding a possum-friendly fence

Legal obligations

What dog laws do I need to comply with in the City of Busselton?


Resources on Cats

Find all the information you need to be a responsible cat owner

Protect Native Wildlife

Help conserve the critically endangered western ringtail possum

Resources on Dogs

Find all the information you need to be a responsible dog owner

Gallery: Responsible Pet Ownership in the Geographe Bay Catchment

Our Responsible Pet Ownership program, which includes the Pets Away, Possums Play and My Pet, My Community campaigns, is endorsed by the following organisations: City of Busselton, Busselton Vet Hospital, Heritage Vets, GeoVet, Vasse Vets and SAFE.

The program is supported by the South West Catchments Council, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program. 

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Pets Away, Possums Play

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