Garden Guides

Everything you need to know…

Whether you are retrofitting an existing garden or creating a new garden, our Garden Guides have all the information you need for a beautiful Bay OK garden.

By adopting the three overarching Bay OK principles, you can help to protect our waterways and Geographe Bay – and have the garden you have always dreamt of!

1. Minimise nutrient runoff – a best practice approach to improving your soil and managing your nutrient outputs

2. Conserve water – practical and simple initiatives to improve water efficiency and avoid overwatering and leaching of nutrients from your garden into waterways

3. Support local biodiversity – simple features and approaches that can be incorporated into your garden to help support local biodiversity. Click here for Bird-friendly rodent control, or here for how to build a nesting box.

Assess your own garden against these principles with our Garden Assessment Tool

You can also access our resources on soil health, fertiliser management, water efficiency, native species and biodiversity by exploring our Resources.

For a hard copy of these Garden Guides and other publications, please visit us at 72 Duchess Street, Busselton.

Download Coastal Gardens: A planting guide for the south west capes coastal region: Augusta to Yallingup