Possum Tally

Engaging citizen scientists.

The Western Ringtail Possum Tally is run each year with ‘citizen scientists’ who record sightings of possums in their local area. This helps increase our knowledge about the number and distribution of possums across the Catchment.

The Tally, which is usually held in the autumn school holidays, is a fun and informative way for community members of all ages to engage in science and the conservation of a critically endangered species. Contact us to get involved!

The Possum Tally has been running since 2016 in the Geographe Bay Catchment, where the greatest numbers of ringtails are known to be found. Using robust, repeatable methods, the Tally is building a set of established suburban monitoring sites for possum observations.

The Tally data feeds into the WA Threatened Species Database through the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions. The information can then be used as a reference for population trends, future planning decisions and conservation projects.

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