A Species under Threat

Found nowhere else in the world.

The Western Ringtail Possum is critically endangered and endemic to the South West of Western Australia.

Western Ringtail Possums were once widely spread across the South West from Perth to Albany. However, due to extensive land clearing for agriculture and urban development, the ringtail population has now declined to less than 10% of its original geographical range.

It is estimated that there are less than 8,000 ringtail possums remaining in the wild, with a decreasing trend.

The urban areas of Busselton and Dunsborough support one of the last major populations. This means that many of us are lucky enough to have a native, endangered species living in our backyard! It also means that we need to find ways to co-exist, as protection within this coastal strip is critical to the survival of the species.

We believe that living with possums is a privilege and as such, actively support our community to better understand and live alongside this critically endangered species.

Find out more about the conservation status of Western Ringtail Possums and how you can help. 

Alison Stewert