Farm management

We work with farmers to increase the productivity, profitability and sustainability of their farming enterprises.

Agriculture is the major land use in the Geographe Bay Catchment. The landscape is predominantly flat, cleared and drained, with sandy soil; presenting a number of challenges to both farmers and local waterways.

We can work with farmers to adopt sustainable farming practices:

  • Revegetation and weed management along creeks and waterways
  • Fencing to exclude stock from creeks and waterways
  • Soil testing to determine soil nutrient needs
  • Tissue testing to see how nutrients are taken up by pasture
  • Matching fertiliser and liming programs with soil test results
  • Upgrading dairy effluent systems on dairy farms
  • Fertigation with dairy effluent on dairy farms
  • Development of personalised nutrient farm plans


If you would like support with any of the above activities, please contact us.