Injured Wildlife

Keep injured wildlife safe and call for help.

If you find injured or orphaned wildlife, please keep them safe and call for help.

  • Injured wildlife should be taken to the local vet immediately – please do not attempt to feed them or give them water.
  • Orphaned wildlife should be kept in a safe, dark and warm place until they can be handed over to a wildlife carer. 

Call FAWNA 0438 526 660, the WILDCARE HELPLINE 9474 9055 (both available after business hours) or your local wildlife carer.

Western Ringtail Possum

If you find a possum on the ground, call for advice before removing the animal from the spot where you found it. Possums are not ground dwellers but may need to come to ground to travel to the next tree. If there are no visible injuries but the possum needs assistance, please wrap them in a towel, blanket or jumper to keep them warm. Place them gently in a ventilated cardboard box in a quiet, safe place.

To assist in conservation research, please report sightings of living or deceased western ringtail possums to Parks and Wildlife website or contact the Department Conservation, Biodiversity and Attractions in Busselton on 9752 5555 or 9752 5533 or complete a Fauna Report Form.