Possum Avoidance for Dogs

Coexistence is key

The most effective way to protect possums from dogs is to keep your dog indoors or contained at night when possums are most active. Not only will you be protecting possums, you’ll be looking after your canine friend as well. Dogs do not have the superior night-vision that cats do. If they cannot distinguish what something is, they can resort to excessive barking and even develop anxiety issues. Dogs are pack animals and prefer to be inside with their pack family.

Possum Avoidance Training

If your dog is aroused by possums and used to being outside at night-time, bringing them inside may cause them (and you!) some distress. They may become fixated at the back door, keen to get out and join the possums as they forage through your garden. It’s important to understand the drivers behind this behaviour so you can decide on the best training approach to address it.

Dog trainer Asher Lindberg talks through the three main drivers behind dogs going after possums: boredom, curiosity and predatory drive.


Supporting possums in the backyard

There are plenty of things you can do to support western ringtail possums who visit your backyard. Installing possum-friendly fencing and safe passages from trees to fences will help your dog coexist with their critically endangered visitors. 


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