Pets Away, Possums Play

Celebrating responsible pet owners!

Responsible pet owners keep their dogs and cats safe and happy, while protecting our native wildlife.

Pet owners should keep their pets (cats and dogs) contained at night, at a minimum, to reduce injury and death to the critically endangered western ringtail possum. This action also protects other wildlife that live and visit our urban neighbourhoods.

Possums and other wildlife are most active at night and this is when they are at greatest risk of injury and death caused by hunting and curious pets. Local evidence shows that the greatest known causes of death to possums and wildlife in our Catchment are cats, dogs, motor vehicles, and habitat loss.

Pets are also most at risk during this time from other roaming pets that have the potential to injure and cause death by transmission of disease, animal fights, exposure to poisons and car incidents.

Pets away, Possum play responds to injury and death caused by pets and aligns with National and State-wide campaigns and attitudes delivered and supported by City of Busselton, Parks and Wildlife, RSPCA, Cat Protection Society: The Good Neighbour Project, SAFE, Victoria Zoo: Safe Cat Safe Wildlife, National Cat Tracker Project and other local government responsible pet ownership campaigns, like Happy at Home, aimed to reduce predation of wildlife by cats and dogs at night.

My Pet, My Community

Almost 30% of cat owners in Australia keep their cats indoors or in cat enclosures. These cat owners know that cats can be safe and happy, with all their needs met, without impacting the local environment.

Roaming pet cats collectively kill 390 million animals each year in Australia, and only bring home around 15% of what they hunt. This has a significant impact on the survival of our native species, many of which are already under threat like the critically endangered western ringtail possum.

We support cat owners to transition their roaming cats to be indoor and catio (cat patio) cats. Together with local vets, cat behaviourists, SAFE, Busselton Men’s Shed, Busselton Bunnings, City of Busselton, FAWNA, Katzone and other organisations, we have created a suite of resources to support cat owners with this transition.

My cat can’t roam, it’s safe at home.

Our responsible pet ownership programs are supported by the South West Catchments Council, through the Australia Government’s National Landcare Program, and the State NRM Program.

Learn more about the benefits of catios…


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